Monday, June 29, 2009

Growing UP

With the heat reaching 106 and brand new air conditioning on the fritz we needed a cool alternative! So what better than a movie? Last year we couldn't have considered it and would have just suffered through. How strange to pull up to the theatre as a family. Buy three tickets (ouch $$$) and head in.  Ian was excited to go announcing, "this is going to be so exciting" as we got out of the car. With only my iPhone for photos they are a little blurry, but I have proof of the day!

In the theatre I think he was just as excited at seeing the gigantic Transformer display as he was to see the movie. He would have gladly walked in to see Transformers if we'd let him!

As we walked into our theatre he kept asking, "where are we going?" The dark long hallway must have been a little strange! He walked right in, found a seat and then we moved three times. Too close. Not right. Too reclined thus eating a three year old bottom. It was pretty funny, the reclining seats kind of swallowed him right up! Finally we found the perfect seat and he was very pleased to move the seat up and down trying to simulate the swallowing of the prior seat. No booster for him, he was doing this big boy style!

Lots of commercials. He was a little confused by those asking when the movie was going to start. Since we don't have a television in our house the whole commercial thing is a little weird to all of us!

And then the movie started. Silly movie, I was crying within the first 10 minutes. The first time the audience laughed Ian laughed right along with them and then looked at me saying, "what's so funny?" LOL Trying to explain humor in the dark is fun! Only a few spots that scared him "just a little" with lots of movie that kept him entertained and in his seat for the entire time!

So exciting and so strange to have entered the new world of movies as a family!

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Anonymous said...

Not good no cool air..but what fun going to the movies. I remember a time when 5 kids got in the back of the "station Wagon" lol and went to a drive in..with big green bowl of popcorn those are good times to remember,
Love U


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