Saturday, June 27, 2009

It Was His Idea

Ian is obsessed with cupcakes. And because on a whim one day we stopped at a cupcake shop he now feels he's entitled to a regular cupcake excursion. Yesterday, after waiting as patiently as an almost 4 year old can for an entire day, he finally got to get a cupcake with dad. 

Of course, that is really not what this post is about.

While photographing his cupcake, which is a requirement anytime you are going to pay over $2.00 for a baked good, he put his little index finger in the air in that funny way he does. He then announced, "I have an idea! Let's take a family picture." When I said, my arm isn't long enough with this lens, he said, "with the thingy."

Of course! The thingy! So we got out the thingy. Set the camera up and got two shots. Well worth the trouble of setting up the thingy because can this kiddo see great light or what?!

Not focusing on the things I'd change about it (and me) but just loving it for the moment captured! And the cape? Yep, as soon as the tripod came out he insisted that he needed to get his cape as well. Perhaps just memories of this day?!


Heather said...

Love it that he sees the value in photos already and knows he wants family ones too! The thingy is a wonderful thing! Ian talks like me!!

Know what you mean about taking photos & wanting to change me in them but you look like a fantastic family & you look marvelous! all the smiling, sweet Katrina we feel we have gotten to know online through your photos, comments, blog and layouts. Wouldn't change a thing!

Anonymous said...

what a great picture! sure wish i had a Kennedy family picture like that. hint, hint

Anonymous said...

Love the picture taken with the thingy,too cute..way to go with the cupcakes Ian bet they are chocolate..
Love U

Amy L said...

He is definitely taking after mama! Lovely photo of the three of you.

sarah said...

It's a great photo of y'all. And i love that he asked and that you obligued. A memory - captured (and I immediately thought of the previous family photo..)

Jennifer said...

sweet photo!


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