Sunday, June 07, 2009

Side To Side

There are drawbacks to living across the street from a park, but I believe they are outweighed by the benefits! Our summer events have begun! Yesterday was a concert with Music Matt.  When Ian saw them setting up he began asking to go. When he heard them doing sound check he announced, "we are missing it!"

Across the street we  went. You might remember Music Matt from last year. This time we were prepared with video camera, front grass seats, and a cleared card in the camera. Sure enough. Two songs in, his little hand shot in the air when MM asked for volunteers!

When Matt picked him, Ian ran without hesitation up on stage, introduced himself to the crowd, and waited for direction! His roll? Sing "side to side" after Music Matt sang "front to back." 

He missed his cue a few times but was bending his little knees in time with the music! Adorable! And the end? He bowed! A real, arm at his stomach, half lean forward bow!

I couldn't decide which photo captured it best, so here you get to see several! And tomorrow? Video :) I'm such a proud Mom!
(click on this one to see it makes me laugh!)

Still a little space in my Captured Through the Lens class.  Class starts tomorrow and I've added a weekly video to class!

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