Friday, June 12, 2009



Photo purge step 2. In the last 10 minutes I deleted 35 photos, that's about 210mb freed up. I realized I probably have no need for 5 photos of the kitchen aid bowl with flour in it, 10 photos of the same tea pot from different angles, 15 blurry photos of Ian swinging taken in an attempt to perfect a technique, and 5 random blurry things.

I feel better. It's a new me.

What are you purging lately?

in other news

My friend Jennifer has started a fun new blog! Cheap and Cheerful

Leave a comment at Linnea's Lights for a chance to win a yummy Papaya soy candle. Beautiful site and the odds look good!

Want to doodle with flair? Check out Michelle's great class Oodles of Doodles I'm loving her instruction and will show you my doodles soon!


Jennifer said...

Thanks for the shout out! I hope it will be a fun, new outlet for me. Off to start Lesson #2 in your sweet photo course = )

Terri Davenport said...

Purging is my goal this summer. Room to room, clearing out the clutter. 3 rooms done. 2 in progress.

sarah said...

Purging in so many areas of life right now. (love the blog banner, btw)

myra said...

I've been purging all weekend! And I agree about the photos. Trying to be more of a minimalist. I've become a photo packrat. No good I tell ya. Even if storage it cheap, it dilutes the quality of what I do keep. Thanks for the nudge!

Katrina said...

Seems we are all doing the same! This has been the fewest photos in a weekend for me in YEARS - 44 including Friday!

Teri said...

I am so glad the teapot photo was saved. I love that one! I am purging the hard drive too, I mean it is just a bit ridiculous and now that Doug is taking pictures me.


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