Tuesday, June 30, 2009

How I Select A POTD

Selecting a photo of the day is a mixed affair. Some days as soon as I push the shutter I know, without a doubt, that I've taken THE photo. Other days I sort through photos hunting for something that feels salvageable. And on others days it is a matter of having  a really important story to tell. Something that impacts me. Something that must be remembered. On occasion the one photo is the same as the story. And quite honestly, somedays I just think...ok, that's the one because I need to sleep and tomorrow is another day with more photos!

I love the days when the photo appears instantly for me because of a story. I love the days when the photo may not be perfect but the moment is so important to remember.

Ian loves to stall. Don't all almost 4 year olds? He has two weeks of  "school" left before he gets to spend his days with us. He knows the days I am staying at home and the days I'm off to a client. He can tell as soon as he notices me getting dressed. He'll look at me and say, "why are you wearing THAT shirt?" LOL, reminds me of a similar phrase I often say to Shea as we are getting ready to go somewhere.

This morning he knew it was a stay at home day for me and a go to school day for him. So, of course, he asked for scones. And because it is summer and we had nowhere to be on time, we road our bikes to get scones on the way to school. The best part? He'd eaten two, looked at me and said, "I have one scone left! Take a picture of it!"

Ahh, my sweet child! I do love you! So we had a mini scone photo session before he headed off to school. Proof I didn't have THAT shirt on and proof that he has us exactly where he wants us!


Anonymous said...

and poof these days will be gone to soon, but he will still "have you" thats just the way it is.. and thats a good thing! love the scone picture.
Love U

Jennifer said...

love it!

Anonymous said...

Ian, mommy's famous! I just saw her picture in USA Today....WOW

Myra said...

Scones - a favorite for me too. Isn't it the best when our kids request the photos we shoot? I love that!


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