Monday, December 07, 2009

I Love Everything In This World

POTD 120709 - Wish, originally uploaded by katrina.kennedy.

We had a good day today. Unexpected kind of good day! A quick trip to the snow, only 25 minutes away! We live in California!! Granted, Northern California, but we DON'T get snow. Sure Tahoe is a two hour drive away. But 20 minutes?! Cool. Seriously.

Ian loved the snow. But the best part? On our way home he announced, "I love everything about this world." When we arrived home, this tshirt was in the mailbox. My mom had great timing! He insisted on wearing it immediately and loved pointing to his approximate spot on the globe. (We'll work on geography next year!)

Thanks Mom!


Anonymous said...

Happy you like your shirt Ian, looks very nice on you
Love U

Teri said...

I just love this Katrina. The finger pointing makes my heart happy.


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