Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Favorite Images of 2009

Looking back over the year, it is filled with so many good memories. So many moments I'm glad I've captured. Here are my Top 10 Images.

10. Shea's Thick Brick Stout - Part of My Beer Documentation
POTD 011209
9. Lance - One opportunity to grab him as he raced by. I'm proud of this shot!
POTD 021409
8. Reflected Reflection - this took a few attempts to get it right, my favorite self portrait!
POTD 051309 - Reflected Reflection
7. Justin's Ironman Finish - An amazing day, I could easily post 6 others from this day!

6. I was attempting a different shot but Ian did what he does best, exude personality and pull me out of my comfort zone! A One Little Word pick at Shutter Sisters!
POTD 121109 - Christmas Alien
5. The kiddo has the strangest ideas! He wanted to be a mummy. Dad obliged. Ian asked for photos! Perfect.
POTD 073109 - Toilet Paper Mummy
4. Hopscotch. I saw this right before it happened, I love that. It was a POTD on the Maternal Lens!
POTD 032009
3. A bike ride to the Capitol, a wide angle lens and a boy who must perform!
POTD 010309
2. The Essence of Ian - A good day, a balloon hat and great light...that's all I ask!
POTD 022309
1. Discovery - This was different for me, but as soon as I saw him in the fading light, I knew the shot I wanted. This made Explore on Flickr but more importantly is a family favorite. It was also a daily click on Shutter Sisters, a HUGE honor.
POTD 052509 - Discovery

I will continue to take photos everyday in 2010. Thank you for your kind comments and perspective. It simply boils down to not being able to imagine not having my life documented in such a visual way. I want to remember the details. And with a four year old in the house those details seem to be screaming by me at an unbelievable pace.

Thank you for sharing the last 365 days with me! Can't wait to see what develops in 2010!


Kimberly said...

Absolutely amazing, Katrina. You are so talented! I love them all, but the Lance shot is incredible.


2 Little Irish Boys said...

All I can say! I love your pictures--you definitely "got it!"
Can't wait to follow you through the year 2010!

*Paula* said...

Wow, they are all stunning Katrina. You are so very talented. Happy New Year!

Aino said...

I can look at your photos over and over again, Katrina!! :D

Can't wait to see where all this will take you in the New Year! ;)

Myra said...

These are all photos I absolutely adored as you posted them. Now that you have me hooked on using my camera as a means to journal, I'll never be the same. ;)

Anonymous said...

Here via Shutter Sisters. A pleasure to have found your blog. Your images are beautiful. Happy New Year!

Doris said...

Gorgeous Katrina..great review!
Looking forward to seeing what 2010 brings! :)


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