Saturday, December 05, 2009

Long Days Of December

Not every day of December is filled with snowflakes and bliss. Today was definitely a testament to that! I spent my entire day corralling a kiddo who wanted to climb everything, although he's never been a climber. He hit the ground countless times with a cry of, "I'm ok," which in our house translates to, "I've hurt myself but I'm not going to admit it." He dunked legos into a glass of water, just for fun. He gave me that, I'm going to ignore everything you are saying look, repeatedly. Stuffed silly putty into his sock and walked around in it. The silly putty and the sock are now in the trash, they were inseparable. Now he is asleep. And that, I must say, has been the best part of my day!


Anonymous said...

wishing you a calmer, stay on solid ground day k.....sorry I laughed at the silly putty, but it must feel quite yukky to be walking around with that in your!! just gotta love 'em.!


Anonymous said...

Had to laugh about the silly putty, wish I was there today to take him off your hands for a while.

Terry said...

funny about the silly putty. Hope your day is better tomorrow.


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