Saturday, December 12, 2009

Invaded by the Christmas Alien

Only Ian would grab lights and declare himself a Christmas Alien! I asked for a quick photo in front of the tree to play with a little heart bokeh, but gave up when he started to goof!

He does it well!

He then promptly asked, "are you going to give me $5.00?"


Anonymous said...

I love that photo!! If he would come and be goofy for me I would pay him $20 :) LOVE that you changed your blog to a white I can visit longer! Have a great weekend :)


L & O said...

sounds like my kids. I haven't yet gotten a good photo of them in front of the tree.

Terry said...

you can take my picture for $5.00 too!

Carol said...

What a little entrepreneur he is. And what a great photograph.


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