Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Letter To Santa

I asked Ian if he wanted to write a letter to Santa. He excitedly replied yes! I transcribed his words into an email to the big guy.
Dear Ian: (obviously some confusion here, but he is 4 and who am I to correct such cuteness)
I wish I had a toy bike.

And then on second thought he got a bit more specific
real bike colored red and grown up wheels and grown up pedallers. 
and then again
dear ian:
we're not going to be home. 
and then he needed to revise again
dear ian:
love ian and we're going to be home tomorrow but not on christmas day.
that's it 
I hope his message makes it in time! 


Amanda said...

lol what a doof! that is too cute!

Anonymous said...

How cute is tht Love it.

Teri said...

That is so cute it makes my heart hurt!


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