Friday, August 08, 2008


I love numbers! I love when numbers have significance. I love when I wake up and the clock says 11:11. I love that my house number is 214...the same day as my first date with Shea. I love when it is 1:23 or the grocery bill is 7.68 (ok 76.89) So I was pretty excited about today! As part of my photo a day project at Flickr I decided to make the most of the day!
Feeling the end of summer nearing Shea got in on the action with me!

At exactly 8am this morning we set out on our bikes to photograph 8's anywhere and any form we could find them! And my first sighting of the day -- triple 8's!!
First stop Fox and (the) Goose for breakfast. And seated next to us? Mayoral Candidate Kevin Johnson. So we "eight" next to him!

I think Ian is unhappy because 1) the guy's kind of short for someone who was in the NBA 2) mom is making him take a photo with someone she won't vote for 3)he heard him say negative things about city council members in a public place 4)he knew mom would attempt to take over his blog with some political statement (be sure to scroll down to the sexual assualt allegations)

From there we headed to the Old City Cemetery in search of 1888 headstones, but go sidetracked for this along the way!

Tim at Station 5 was the greatest! He showed Ian everything on the ladder truck and let him drive too! (although Ian's feet don't quite reach the pedals yet!)
Then to the cemetery. Lot's of 8's but not one 8-8-88 to be found!

Ian then decided he'd had enough of following us around so he asked to go to the "blue park". So we did, but found a few 8's on the way. We did find the 8th planet at the park!And then off to the library to get Ian his own library card! (I's a big moment!) Last stop on the bikes -- Green Sacramento for some gorgeous Leaf .01 Yolo Colorhouse paint for our bathroom. (which is so close to done I can hardly stand it! of course it probably would be done if it weren't for 6 hour bike rides to find 8's!) The owner kindly explained to Ian exactly how he was making our color and Ian loved imitating the paint shaking machine. I wish I'd taken a picture of Ian's trailer loaded with 10 library books, a baseball bat, and 2 gallons of paint!

While Ian took his nap I got to take photos of this sweet little one week old! Congratulations Leah and Jim! (and thanks for letting me spend 3 hours of your life with you :))Home just in time for Shea to say...we've got to eat. He sat in the car reving the engine to give me just a little clue that he was going with or without me! (Let's just say that I cleaned the refrigerator out before San Diego and we've not refilled it...again, things that get forgotten when looking for 8's)
Dinner at Ernesto's with only a short wait for an outside table. Just in time to hear Mariachis play! Ian LOVED it!
Then home with a tired little guy ready for bed!

I can't imagine a better day! I'm already planning for 9-9-9, 10-10-10, 11-11-11, and 12-12-12. What will I do in 2013?!

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Anonymous said...

What a adventure, all those 8's yeah Ian you finally got to the firestation, and a library card all in the same day, way to go buddy.
Love you
Oh! mom dads birthday 1212 well last two numbers not 12...


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