Monday, August 25, 2008


I've been in a mom funk for a few days. That crazy place where I begin to question all of my choices, strategies, tactics, methods, insights, etc. etc. That same place that I begin to worry about having damaged Ian at just three years old dooming him to a horrible life. Typing it now I can see just how silly I sound.

I got some amazing advice from a great group of women who've become such dear friends...who I've never even met, but know me so well. Such wisdom shared so kindly!

So today I finally realized where all of this was coming from. I needed to make a BIG decision for Ian. Something that had been eating at me for a while and I didn't even realize how much. But...we made it. I'm still not completely at ease, but feeling better about it by the moment.

The advice I received mentioned that the very act of questioning your decisions is a sign of a good mom... so given my level of questioning I must be SUPERMOM!

I'll share soon. (Unless you are my mom and want to call me :)*** ) In the grand scheme of life this is probably pocket change but in our little world this was BIG currency!

***I'm still amazed anyone reads this other than my mom :)


Anonymous said...

Ok, I am going to call..but just to let you know I think you are a great mom, never did I think you would take on the biggest challange, grand gift of all, being the mom that you are.
Love You.

Michelle Filo said...

The girls (I bet they are the DD girls?) who "councelled" you are right, you are a great mom for even second guessing. I got curious as to what it is, LOL toilet training, Ian moving bedrooms? share! and you know I read your blog... used to more often, but I still do :)

melanie said...

hey you know I read it all the time K! even in portugal!

Stephanie Vetne said...

Lurker checking in. :)


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