Friday, August 22, 2008

Happy Camper!

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Ian looked forward to camping for days! He went on and on about sleeping in a tent telling everyone he saw!

Day One was great! He played, looked for bears and racoons, ate next to nothing (normal) and was eager to sleep in the tent. Afternoon day two arrived and he looked at us and said, "I want to go to my new house and watch a movie." That turned in to crying and sadness that only a piece of chocolate could cure! Smores were just a little too weird for him...he just didn't get the idea of burning a marshmellow and then eating it!

Night two went well with a little guy who was still looking for racoons. We woke to find a perfect foot print right on the picnic table! Ian announced to us that he was done camping and wanted to go home. After a little parental deliberation we decided the trip would just be better for everyone if we cut it a day short!

So short but fun!

He's home in his new house now...and yes, he watched a movie! (of his trip to Legoland...go figure!)

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Anonymous said...

How fun! new adventures Mr. camper guy. soon you will love the somores, and all the other stuff that goes with camping..ask gramps he will tell you a lot about camping..
Love Mumzy


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