Friday, August 15, 2008

Friends, Pirates and JPG images

We spent the morning at Charleen's house today watching baby Oliver while she deserved a little birthday break! He is such a cutie! It is the most time I've spent with him and I must say he's got a great little smile and "man hair". I still didn't get photos of Oliver and Charleen together but I was able to snap a few of Oliver between the activity of three 3 year olds and a 9 month old who has mastered the army crawl!

Leo gave Ian a great pirate book complete with patch and face paint! Ian wore the patch most of the day and had his "moustache" reapplied several times. He has been telling us he wants to be a pirate with a sword, and a pirate hat...and (lawn drawn out Ian breath) BOOTS for Halloween!
On another, somewhat unrelated note, that no one but me probably cares about. I switched my camera off of RAW and back to JPG. That means all of the photos you see today are completely UNEDITED (gasp). No Lightroom adjustments or photoshopping has occurred. SOOC! Decided it was unreasonable to think I could postprocess the 50-100 photos I take EVERYDAY and still have a life! (That also can be translated into...Shea's summer vacation is almost over and I'm going to have to get up out of this chair a little more often!)


Anonymous said...

What a cutie that baby is, and the little pirate guys not so bad either.

lov M

L & O said...

Thanks for a great birthday gift. You will have to let me see the rest of Oliver's pics. See you tomorrow


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