Monday, August 11, 2008

It's My Change

They were wrong about the terrible two's. Two was easy compared to how the direction three is headed. He willingly voices his opinion, asks why 50 times, ignores me just because he can, refuses to eat, says no just to be negative, yells demands at me and then turns on me with phrases like:

"I love you sooooo much."

"Mommy I need you."

"I was born!" (just in case I've forgotten)

Yesterday Shea came bounding down the stairs and said, "we need grandparents here NOW!" LOL You know things are bad when Shea is calling in reinforcements.


We made our Monday trek to Starbucks after gym class today. Addy and Ian now expect it and would be truly disappointed if we didn't go! There was only one petite vanilla scone which appeared to be okay with his royal highness until Addy showed up with Madelines! So it began.

"Momma I need Madelines."

"Finish your scone first."

"I don't want my scone." (which he had just refused to share with Addy, who had asked very sweetly)

"Finish your scone and then I'll get you some."

"I NEEED Madelines."

"Well, then give your scone to Addy." He of course, willingly, happily handed it over!

I contined my conversation with Kathy enjoying much needed time to console and get advice on not strangling three year olds.

"Momma buy me Madelines."

"Just a minute Ian, I'm talking to Kathy."

"Mommma I NEED Madelines."

Giving in, but not wanting to I had one of those brilliant bursts of Mom intellect (they don't happen very often)

"Ian, do you want to buy your own Madelines?"
For a brief second he looked at me like I was speaking a foreign language. He started to spit out, "you go," but something stopped him.

I handed him a $5.00 bill.

"Here's your money. Take it to the counter and buy Madelines."

Money in hand he walked to the counter. Made his purchase and returned.

When I ask for the change he looked at me and said, "It's my change."

Yep bud, it's your change. Everyday.

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myra said...

The twos were a breeze for us too compared to the threes. I'm thinking Ian is right on schedule. :) And I love your mom stroke of genius! We've done similar things with Jake to teach him responsibility. But you have a photo!


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