Monday, October 05, 2009

Home Body Blasts Off

Ian is a homebody. Truly. If you ask him what he'd like to do or where he'd like to go it always ends in some combination of home and play. Or more correctly, play at home.

Mondays are our home days. No work for me. Time with just him. We may watch movies. We may play games. We read. We draw. And we repeat all of those. I enjoy it after the craziness of our weekends and it makes him happy!

Today he wanted scones. He would have been happy making breakfast at home but I piled him into the trailer and away we rode for PV Scones and a little coffee. While there I asked if he wanted to go to the Art Beast - the children's art/play studio nearby. He said yes. A real yes. Not a Monday I want to go home whimper in him.

I had no idea! 3 1/2 hours later we biked home for lunch. 30 minutes later he said, can we go back? And since it's not cheap and we had stamps to return...1 1/2 hours later Dad showed up and Ian said "hi" and well, didn't want to go yet. So we staid 1 more hour. Yes, that is 7 hours in one spot. I was not prepared and my phone got no service! So it was old Martha and BHG magazines for me while the wild child played. So what had him mesmerized that long? Just this ultra cool...rocket!

He's just asked Dad to build one for his room. Do you think that means 7 hours of play at home?

I doubt it!


Anonymous said...

We have one like that at the Discovery Museum! You should bring Ian over one day!

Myra said...

I must say again, that our boys would get along so famously! Too bad we're on opposite coasts with the same everythings...

*Paula* said...

Tommy's a home body too but I think we would all enjoy that place!


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