Sunday, October 04, 2009

I Want To Ride My Bicycle!

A year and a half ago I reluctantly said okay to the purchase of a cruiser. Since then it has become my primary mode of transportation. We go everywhere on them! We had an I LOVE my bike and I LOVE my neighborhood weekends. We rode everywhere! Ian loves to be in the trailer and often yells, go faster!!

It started out for the new Thursday Night Music Walk. We rode there and then walked our bikes!

Friday Shea got a SERIOUS no patching it flat so we walked to dinner.

Saturday we got in the car (gas...p) to get a new tube. (okay it was less than a 2 mile drive, should have walked!) And then Saturday night we headed out on our bikes for date night.

Sunday back on the bikes to head to the Cowtown Marathon and cheer for friends! We rode all over the course, to breakfast and then home.

There is something so freeing, so simple, so childlike. So perfect! I love my bike!

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