Friday, October 09, 2009

Looking Up

POTD 100809
We made the choice for Ian to only go to school two days a week this year. It was based on many things but my underlying desire was to capture time with him before he heads off to kindergarden next year! Yes, kindergarden. I'm overwhelmed by that!

There are moments and days I worry about our choice because, well, I worry about everything! Is he getting enough time with friends? Will he be able to meet all the kinder readiness points? Am I working too little? Can we pay the mortgage? You know, small things!

Yesterday we ventured out together for coffee and PVS (petite vanilla scones). Together we decided an outing around the Capitol and down K Street was needed. I love just being with him. Watching him play and discover the world. Noticing details only a four year old can point out. I could take one less "why" question, but that is part of enjoying him!

Seeing everyone hustle about in their business suits and uncomfortable shoes I realized how lucky I am. How lucky to just spend time with him. Could I be doing other things? Yes. Could I be in endless meetings trying to change the world? Yes.

Then he said, "momma, the building is really big." And I stopped. Looked up. And he was right.

I was in the best meeting, changing the world in the most important way.


Anonymous said...

treasure those moments, they go to fast, I can't beleive kindergarten next year, it is to soon.
Love U

c said...

It just doesn't get any better than that Katrina. Indulge yourself... and Ian too. I remember those moments so well and treasure them 37 yrs. later. cstaff (Carol)

Anonymous said...

remember this, miss delta dawn. you can never replace these moments, only replay. enjoy them to the fullest.

Christine Pobke said...

love this post... very sweet. :) and i love the photo - it's absolutely gorgeous!

mollie said...

You are doing it all right Katrina! The years will go by so fast and you will treasure each minute that you spend ... I remember those moments from 40 years ago ... all of the joy & tears! The crafts & cookies.


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