Friday, January 18, 2008

The Public Has Spoken

So 3 of my 4 blog readers have back to the old look! I kept the banner for you Rosie so at least you know you're in the right spot! Tell those grand kids of yours to buy you a bigger monitor!! :)


Michelle Filo said...

LOL I am guessing I am the fourth one :) So sorry I missed, humpf, guess what I was doing? unpacking... actually, I am still not done. I have no place to put the new stuff, and today we bought units to put inside the wardrobe to help me organize, LOL oh, and I walso did my first few scraps of 2008, I just NEEDED to scrap, but I haven't touched the pictures from the trip yet... I have no idea where to start :O
anyway, I have been meaning to ask you: which camera do you have? :)

Anonymous said...

thanks for the banner. tho a larger monitor would be nice, I think the real problem is an A.G.E. thing. the other day my monitor didn't work. 2 days later i discovered it was unplugged! don't laugh missy, just wait 'til you get old.
your mom and i have a date for 2/2 for scrabble. can't wait...yippee

Colleen said...

Love your banner!


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