Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Well...I wrote this long beautiful post about the origin of WOW in our lives and silly blogger had an error and now it is gone. Being unmotivated to write it again I'll just say, it was my brother's fault that we started. We didn't play as much when it was warm. And we both quit (at different times) because it just felt like so much wasted time (even thought we enjoyed that waste :))

Not nearly as interesting a post, but it's done!

And a picture of me...

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Michelle Filo said...

as I mentioned before, I was about to ask you how did you include it in your routine, as I wanted to find a way to do it, but since I can't control myself, I guess it is really gonne. I am missing it lately, but can't stand the thought of sitting there doing "nothing" anymore....
The screenshot is so tiny hehe, were you a male dwarf pally?
name and server please? hehehe


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