Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Story Of Wow

Not gone after all! I found the long version!

Michele asked about "The Game" so I have to answer :)

*******warning*****big geek fest follows, read at your own risk******************

Shea started playing the game in 2005 after watching my brother play it in our house from the day it was released. Justin (my bro) is the biggest game nerd ever! He's one of those regular looking guys who, if he had his way, would do nothing other than play games and run! We were "wow'd" by the graphics and Shea needed something to do ( since he was a new teacher and had so much free time??!!?)

While I was pregnant with Ian I'd sometimes watch Shea play eventually creating my own character on his account. I'm such a goob, I couldn't play it close to bedtime though since it would give me really weird dreams! After Ian was born I set up my own account (because I had so much free time with a newborn???!?) and got hooked.

Last summer I stopped playing...just went cold turkey. Just wasn't feeling the love. Had a level 64 Paladin and level 62 Priest...all Alliance...Cenarius server :)

Shea reached that point this week. Just too much time doing nothing he said, so plug now pulled!

We'll see if it lasts! And for nostalgia here we are...and I'll know how much you play if you can name the locations :)
**And Michelle we fit it in by having no life and a child that slept a lot!


Michelle Filo said...

hahaha loved this post (I knew I would) specially about having free time with a newborn, yeah right *giggles* I can't tell where you are on the first shot, it is probably obvious but I can't remember.. second you are almost at Ironforge.. right?
Anyway, I feel that after the expansion I also stoped feeling "the love" and with a second child in the house ant free time (even in the middle of the night) has just dissapeared.
I think it has been too long since I played (almost a year) and now I started remembering the good things and ignoring the bad things, thus the withdrawals...
I played a night elf hunter (I think I left her at 67) and a bunch of lowbies from every race I could fit...
Alex had to insist for me to play the first month, I would say "no way, I don't want to get addicted!" and I did get addicted, that was around Apr05, I switched off my accoung Apr07. You can see by the incredible decline in pictured that I had no life those two years LOL
wow, this is a big letter, talk more later, I am going to the beach/water park tomorrow YAY
(P.S. Just bought my first DSLR - Canon Rebel - any tips appreciated)

Leo said...

Now I know why you guys truly don't have a TV! ;)

Sars said...

Is that top picture from the night when the guild took a group picture?

I may or may not be getting back into playing...I started a Blood Elf...yup.

Trude said...

Too funny! Both my brother (same as your brother) and now my BF play...*sigh* At least Chris doesn't whine as much now if I'm at my computer all night finishing a scrap page! :)

fellow wower said...

ohhh how i miss WoW


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