Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Right There!

Today Ian moved into his "special big boy bed." Moved may not be exactly the right word. He was fine for a while until he realized it was the real deal then he began to cry "mommy's bed, it's right there! mommy's bed!" Even after I layed beside him and tried to convince him that mommy was better than mommy's bed he continued with the crying "it's right there" but now added pointing just in case I'd forgotten which direction it was!

So...I caved as the crying escalated! He's now sleeping soundly in mommy's bed which is right there!

I'll tell you the Love You Forever story, but I can't right now. It will make me cry (again)

And on a lighter note.... Not only does being a DD Guest CT mean I get to see things "behind the scenes," I also get goodies! Woohoo.

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