Friday, January 18, 2008

Rockin Playdates and Living Rooms Near You

Today was one of those great laze around the house with Ian days. No real plans, nothing to do but enjoy each other's company. We stacked, we laughed, we chatted, we knocked stacks over, we read, we danced, we napped, we ate. Just a good day!

I think he enjoyed being home today after our adventure yesterday. We spent the morning at Matthew's house for a playdate. He had a lot of fun but was one tired guy when we were done! (still so fun that I've reconnected with "little Todd" from high school...and that the kid I babysat back then now has 2 kids of his own!!)
We ended our day with a crazy RockBand fest at Justin's apartment. Shea on drums, Justin on guitar, me on vocals, Ian on anything he could get his hands on! Let's just say I ROCK! :) LOL


Michelle Filo said...

that sounded like a fun day you two had ~ well, both days were fun :)
I need to get all my chores done properly so I can spend time with the kids without worrying about everything I have to do!

Colleen said...

hee hee
Sounds like fun! :)

Anonymous said...

You guys are "Bad to The Bone" Lol
Love you


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