Thursday, May 22, 2008

Awake At 3AM

What happens when you fall asleep at 8PM? 3AM my eyes pop open...wide awake! So here I am trying to find noiseless things to do in a dark house filled with moving boxes. Sometimes I wish I was one of those people who could sleep for about 12 hours without a problem! Most of the time I'm just begging to sleep uninterupted 6 hours, so I won't complain!
Lately I seem to think in blogposts so I have about a million things I could write like--

  • frustrations with having our move postponed to next week
  • Ian's clumsiness this week -- the kiddo is running into everything!
  • the merits of cleaning out my refrigerator (again)
  • how I've packed everything but a few essentials in the kitchen and am wondering now why I need any of those nonessential things
  • the fact that I have 5 glass pie plates in my possession and don't remember ever making pie (or having it made for me by Shea...well maybe once)
  • my stolen pie plates (mom? are these yours?)
  • the merits of not wasting things and how that makes it difficult to throw anything away
  • 5 pie plates
  • is it a pie plate or a pie dish? hmmmm
  • global warming...and the fact that Ian now answers "global warming" if you ask him what scares him
  • what scares global warming? trash (long post and a yet to be written children's book behind that!)
  • I'm really bad about staying touch with friends...if only they were awake at 4AM...we could chat uninterupted for at least an hour!

Funny thing? I thought I'd just post photos this morning...but now I've rambled!

Ian 2 years ago and Ian last week!

He only wore that little baseball overall thingy was a gift I think. I'm kind of anti the whole sports motif clothing thing, but of course having now written that somewhere the entire world can see, it will become his preferred attire! (aka...I'll headbut you if you don't put that Raiders shirt on me!)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

sorry about the 3 a.m wake up but I injoy reading what you "ramble about".. as for the pie plates I beleive one or two are mine but I have now replaced those so do as you will or keep one or two and I will bake you a berry pie (we can eat) it is wondereful,, I will even bring the berries. Hope you have a wonderful day..
Love you


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