Tuesday, May 27, 2008

POTD 052708 -- Moving!

POTD 052708, originally uploaded by sheakey.

We are moving! Yes, we got the keys today! At 430 we were told it wouldn't be until tomorrow and at 500 we got a call that said, guess what it's yours now!

Shea gave me this nail (and a hammer) to symbolize all of the nails I can now pound into our own walls!

I think it won't really feel like my own house until we get everything moved and I get to hang that very first picture! Now to decide which one!!


Sarah said...


Anonymous said...

congratulations you 3! There's nothing better than your very own walls. Wish I could be there to help.
Aunt Rosie

Michelle Filo said...

so happy for you!!! hope things continue to improve :)

L & O said...

Yay!! That is wonderful. It's such an amazing feeling to put nails in your own walls!!


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