Sunday, May 18, 2008

POTD 051808

POTD 051808, originally uploaded by sheakey.

He's ready to go! Ian is a little confused about why we can't go to his new house, and why we keep driving by it! Some days he wants to stay in "his house' but as soon as we mention the tiny park across the street he gets very excited!

The boxes are stacked in our living room and he's discovered one little corner that he likes to sit. He looks like he is ready to go! It is a rare moment that he isn't in the boxes! I'd been trying to get this photo for three days (leaving the shorter spot for him and just stacking around him). Of course today, with no pants on, he pops up there and says, "momma take a picture." And when the boy asks...I comply! That pout? He's discovered making funny faces for the camera. He thinks it is hysterical to make funny faces and then look at them right after!

What a clown!

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Amanda said...

so when do u guys move? and when can expect my pictures?


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