Thursday, May 08, 2008

POTD 050808 -- Comfort Food

POTD 050808, originally uploaded by sheakey.

This post has virtually nothing to do with Ian!

Things (as I've whined about already) have been a bit hectic. May and June are always my busiest months of the year as state agencies schedule a lot of training to spend the money they have left. I've just picked up a bunch of new projects for a client who has lost a lot of staff and need some help! It is a perfect project! Busy time for Shea too, he just finished STAR testing with his kids and now has about a month of end of the year stuff left with his 8th graders.

So what does all of this have to do with macaroni and cheese? made me happy! And I needed happy!

I've been eating a vegan oil free diet for about 7 weeks. I am absolutely loving it and enjoying really tasting foods for their natrual goodness. I've been vegetarian for A LONG time so moving up a notch to vegan has been easy. And there are some definite body mass and energy benefits!

I found this recipe and discovered my new comfort food! It tastes absolutely decadent and I don't have to feel guilty about it! No oil, no cheese, no wheat, nothing but pure yummy goodness! Added a little broccolli and mmmmmm my favorite childhood food was served! Shea loved it too which is always a plus.

Who knew it would make me so stinking happy??!!!

Ian didn't eat it...but he's on a hunger strike at home this week! (he did nibble on broccolli...the kid is weird!)


Sarah said...

You may like this article:

I'm hungry...

Michelle Filo said...

that sounds absolutely delicious!!!! and I know you needed it! I think I need it too ;)
All the best sweetie!

Anonymous said...

Sorry Katrina I tried and both dad and I said yuk, will try again and leave out the turmeric


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