Friday, May 23, 2008

Growing Up!

We dropped Ian off at "school" this morning. He doesn't usually go on Fridays, but I need to get some work done before I have to pull the plug on my computer and go into internetless land for about a week...(ahhhh I don't know how I'll function) But back to Ian.

He didn't cry. He didn't protest. In fact he heard a train as we got out of the car and said, "going to the train station." He announced it again as we walked through the door. Ms. Tasha (who we love) asked him for his ticket and he was good to go! We walked out at the typical moment as he was engrossed in something. No tears. Good.

As we drove out of the parking lot there he was in the doorway. Big smile. Waving. Happy! Only the big kids stand in the doorway when their parents leave. Wow! Now I am crying!

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Michelle Filo said...

I feel the same when I drop Matty off from school... he will be in kindy next year and I am freaking out about that...
Sorry I missed a couple of your posts :( busy busy busy
and I know you are busier them me LOl so, good luck with the moving if we don't speak before you go to no internet land, pleas don't get to confortable and COME BACK (some people realise there is life with no net and never return LOL)


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