Monday, May 05, 2008

Small Rewards

Today was the day I felt the full pressure of everything going on in our lives. Our home is a sea of boxes interspersed with toys, laundry, dirty dishes and work. I spent the day emailing the requests from my insurance agent to my realtor and then back to the insurance agent. Fielded calls from the mortgage broker who is waiting for the realtor who is waiting for the seller's agent who is waiting for the seller all between repeatedly looking at our accounts, adding things up, wondering how much things are going to really cost, wondering if we really are going to need to have two gigantic trees trimmed before we move in and kicking myself for not requesting that in our list of fixes. In two weeks this should all be behind us. We will be in our new home with the intent of being there for a very long time (I'm hesitant with that one only because 10 years ago we also bought the home we would be in forever).

Then my printer runs out of ink before I can print the handouts for tomorrow's class...and I have no ink...and Ian won't go to bed...and Shea has been running around like crazy with school...

After cries of "I hungry," I attempted to get Ian to eat the yogurt he request...which, of course, was just a ploy to get me in ther room! He ate nothing.

After a little more protest, I held him, rocked him, and sang the song I've sung to him since he was just days old. The one I made up. The one I need to write down so I don't forget it.

After 3 minutes he was still. After 5 minutes I could tell he was asleep. It was just what I needed today.


Michelle Filo said...

looks like you guys are really going forward this time. Hang in there (as in the post above, perfect photo indeed!) Things will be sorted before you know it and hopefully you will look back and laugh at the stress. I am sending positive thoughts your way!!!
Love ya!

Trude said...

Ah yes, the joys of moving...sounds like you had a super fun day! ;) Hopefully today was better, and can't wait to see photos once you finally get to move in! At least it's not like Anna A, who's moving from Alaska to Colorado, right? :)

Leo said...

Man, I am glad we didn't need to burden you with Leo when I delivered Oliver. Am sending good vibes for you to close the house!! Can't wait to hear all about it. Hugs and positive thoughts going your way!

Anonymous said...

wish I could havae been there for you, as far as Ian goes..but sorry the rest is up to you, will get through if fine and look back and say ahh that wasn't so bad..
Love you


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