Sunday, June 01, 2008


We are done! least with the moving out and the cleaning part! Now we just need to get unpacked and situated in our new house! We are loving it! It has just the right amount of quirkiness to match me!! I'm sitting in the living room right now listening to a gentle breeze through the trees ignoring all of the boxes piled around me!!

The move was long, but went well. My family is AMAZING! We couldn't have done this one without them...from watching Ian to cleaning stinky dirty places that you could only ask family to clean! My mom set up my entire kitchen while we were moving everything and even cooked us dinner our first night at home! What a great treat! I hated to see her go home!

We dropped my brother's truck off tonight and drove 5 blocks home and Ian was out in those 5 blocks at 430PM! I was able to carry him upstairs, take his pants off, change his diaper and he still was out! I think he may be down for the night! He was a trooper and actually seems so much happier here!

Glad to be done...and looking forward to taking a long time to settle in! We aren't going anywhere so really, what's the hurry??!!

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L & O said...

congrats!! Your mom is amazing! Sounds like it all went smoothly. Can't wait to see it! You will love the Chic Lime color in your house. It's very modern.


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