Monday, June 16, 2008

POTD 061608

POTD 061608, originally uploaded by katrina.kennedy.

I love that these two kiddos have known each other their entire lives! They love to play together and Ian has started talking about her ALL OF THE TIME!

This picture kills me though! Can't you just see exactly what they are going to look like as teenagers? Can't you see the trouble they both are thinking about causing? I'm worried already! They continued to pose like this every time I got the camera out! They even agreed to doing a cheek to cheek shot!

They crack me up!

***ETA click on the photo to see Ian's entire face! For some reason blogspot cut him off!


Anonymous said...

What a pretty little girl, just look at his eyes sparkle hummm wonder what he is thinking.. cute hair cut..
Love Mumzy

Heather said...

Great photo! I have missed keeping up on your blog lately (along with all the others) but enjoying to be back seeing them.

And I was just learning yesterday about blogspot and cutting photos.. it just thinks it is too large of a photo so overfills the frame. I have to shrink mine all down to not get cut off. You can go in and edit the html for it to shrink the width (to around 350-400) so it all shows up.

Anonymous said...

Great pic! They both look like they are about to get into something... :)
Ben loves it too.



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