Friday, June 06, 2008

POTD 060608

POTD 060608, originally uploaded by sheakey.

Yummmmm and fat free! We celebrated the beginning of Shea's Jubillee tonight with a little cake! Ian helped make it which was a bit of a riot! He had his own little bowl and helped mix my ingredients and his own. He'd jump off his stool, run in the other room, do something (certainly something important) climb back up his stool and repeat the entire process again!

When Shea got home he met him at the front door and said "I want to eat it!" So we did! Before dinner even!!


Anonymous said...

yummy.. and fat free I want that receipe

Anonymous said...

And, when are we going to offer up a piece of this to your admiring public Miss Katrina???

Anonymous said...

if mumzy gets the recipe she has to share it with me!

Anonymous said...

I made the cake but used the Lemon filling and the lemon topping oh my tasted sooooo sinful, but was so fat free and good...

myra said...

hey you! how did i not realize you had a blog! i'm so glad i discovered you in writing! :)

and now, for that recipe please?


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