Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I clearly need a break!

Yesterday started out so well! Shea and I got out of the house on time, dropped Ian off at preschool on time, me off at work on time, and Shea got to school on time. Since I don't work everyday and my work is always at a different location that is no small accomplishment! Difficult to create a routine when my job is not routine!

I walked into the building, found my typical training room not set up for my class. I asked the student assistant (who is truly brilliant) which room I was in and she gave me a confused look and said, "I don't remember." That was my first clue that something was seriously wrong. I followed her to her desk to confirm exactly what was wrong!! I had arrived at my client CalPERS when I was supposed to be at my client CalSTRS!!!

ahhhh no car, no keys, no materials for CalSTRS...AND...somehow no number for the manager at CalSTRS!!

I left frantic messages with everyone I could think of at CalSTRS since at 745am no one was at work yet! Then I began to decipher what I was going to do with myself 5 miles away from where I was supposed to be, no way to get into my house, no transportation, just my bag and my phone!!

With the help of my brother Justin I decided it made the most sense to take the bus to his store, get a ride from him to Shea's school, get keys and at least I could get into the house and have a somewhat productive day even though it wouldn't be the day I'd planned. (oh and probably figure out a way to keep CalSTRS from kicking me to curb forever!)

I began the heals...which I never wear, but on this particular Tuesday was sporting an extremely cute outfit that just required heals! About three blocks away my phone rang. CALSTRS! I'm not sure what I expected from them, but the response I got was the BEST! Having not listened to any of my messages, they were worried I was stuck in traffic or something worse had happened. Most embarrassing explanation ever from me followed!

Did they cancel class? Tell me I'm a loser? Post to their intranet to never hire me again? Nope! They picked me up! Yep, the training manager Katie drove across town, put me in her car, took me back to their office all while trainer Cindy ran an icebreaker with the group, student Youmaly copied materials for the class, and the class just rolled with it! Could you ask for a better client??!

I walked in 40 minutes late. Greeted the class, told my story, apologized and we went on like nothing had happened!!

Wow...what a day! I love CalSTRS!

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myra said...

are you sure your day wasn't an episode of survivor? so glad it turned out ok!


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