Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Did I Do This?

Ian is a sweet little guy. He has a great disposition and just a soft little spirit. Yes, I'm his mom and I'm severely biased. Okay, he does sometimes cry for no reason, he sometimes whines to get his way and okay, I probably shouldn't overlook this incident.

Today was Ian's Preschool Summer Kick off. Kind of the post graduation party for all those 5 year old kiddos who are moving on to kindergarden. We went thinking it would be like many preschool events that we've attended -- go for a few minutes, eat the potluck food (I hate potluck...I need far more control and information about the food that I indulge in than a potluck offers), and then head out of there.

Today was different though.

I ended up spending most of the time talking to Ian's teacher and other staff who spend the day with Ian, hearing how much they like him. How sweet he is. How easy he is. How quiet he is. One of the staff told me about how willing he is to let her change his diaper and then pointed out all of the kids who weren't so willing or nice!

I'm sure the smile on my face was HUGE as I thanked them when inside what I was really thinking was, "oh my do you know how lucky I am? do you know how neurotic he probably should be and how neurotic I was for the first 8 months of his life?" Yep...I'm pretty certain his little sweet adorable loved personality is all him!! I got lucky!

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Anonymous said...

Don't you know by now that the 3 of you got each other for a reason?
Balance is a good thing.


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