Thursday, June 12, 2008

Yes...He's My Child!

I think there is no mistaking that we are related! He wants to wear our glasses all the time! I think I need to explain to him that given his genes...he'll get his own soon enough!

And a little page I made today. Credits here


Anonymous said...

What a cute funny little boy.
But of course I would think that.
Ian you are so much fun.. and I love that your mom can catch all those cute and funny moments with her camera..And shares them with us.
Love you Mumzy

Anonymous said...

Oh my, Katrina . . . this is so adorable!

This kiddo of yours has the most expressive and delightful little face and, I think that his mama takes the most fabulously expressive and delightful photographs too!

Amanda Kayte said...

did u explain to him that those 'cute' glasses can also make him VERY QUEEZY to his stomach!!


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