Monday, June 09, 2008


As I near the big milestone of four decades on this planet, I've been a bit focused on my heart. Making it happy, keeping it healthy, ensuring it has a home. Many of you know how much of of my life has been defined by my heart...

Today I came across this little girls story and it touched my heart...especially the post about her scar. It makes my experience seem like nothing. What are you doing for your heart?!


myra said...

i'm definitely more heart health conscious than i was 20 years ago. i'm trying to make sure that as jake gets older, we teach him that we're an active family. we go on bike rides and walks, and try to move a lot together.


Anonymous said...

I also remember a little girl that was so proud of her "carz" that she would lift her shirt and ask
STRANGERS if they wanted to see them! hmmm, sound familiar?
love you, auntie

Michelle Filo said...

hi sweetie, missed you, I have been a bit busy/sick down here. Are you settling in on in the new place? I am not aware of the "heart" story, but sending you all my best always, and I have added little Riley to my prayers, TFS! talk soon!

Anonymous said...

What a story, brought tears to my eyes and sure brought back a lot of memories, my prayeres are with Riley and her family,
Love You MOM>>>


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