Sunday, June 29, 2008

Carless Sunday...Yes We Can!

POTD 062908, originally uploaded by katrina.kennedy.

We decided today would be "carless Sunday"! We biked to the farmer's market, played at the park, drank SB's, biked to the Natural Foods Co-Op, took naps midday, and just had a great day! It's funny how quickly I've become possessive of my neighborhood and bitter towards all of the people who drive through it for something else. Especially those who don't know the code of letting bikes have the right of way at stop signs even if the car got there first! I love midtown!

Stay tuned for the post calculating the money we are saving by biking instead of using the car :)

And yes...Ian has made his first political statement! A woman has been at the Farmer's Market with Obama buttons and signs for MONTHS! She is there every Sunday with the same huge smile and kind words...true dedication! She gave Ian a button today (after asking if it was okay...which made me love her even more!)

He was so proud to wear it although he did say it was his police badge!

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