Friday, September 25, 2009

Dirt Makes Me Happy, Really Happy!

You know my camera makes me happy. My back up camera...not so happy. It's slow and lacks back button focus and a focal point larger than a grain of sand and takes 7 years to process photos once I take them. Seriously, I feel sorry for the pain I must be putting it through if I take more than two photos in a row. The little red light on the back just blinks and blinks telling me it is working.

My garden makes me happy. Very happy. In fact, today I found scientific proof of just that! Who knew?

So today I decided to take the old camera, new lens, and play in the dirt. Not so bad. Made me happier. I've been trying to get a good photo of these since they started setting. I just love how they look like little Chinese lanterns.

And then there was this. I didn't like knowing what it was up to in my garden, but it did make for a good photo!


Anonymous said...

mumzy, remember when we used to catch those little moths at andy cantanos? trina, i don't think they hurt much of anything. loved the pouty picture of Ian.

mollie said...

Love that you are finding fun things to shoot in the garden? Is this your new "big hoss" lens?


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