Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Touring California Via UPS

In November 2003 after driving all over Seattle my husband I purchased the Canon Digital Rebel. The original. It was over priced, had been on the market less than a month. We paid about $100 for the HUGE 256mb card since no card was included with the camera. We were in love. With each other and more importantly with the camera. It was a logical upgrade from our EOS RebelX from film days.

I loved that camera. Marathons, triathlons, more marathons, and my son's arrival in the world. All captured with its 6.3 megapixel digital sensor. WOW! 6.3.

Technology has changed some. In 2006 in celebration of our 10 year anniversary I was surprised to receive the Canon 30D. Instantly I was in love and threw my old love aside. Stuck it in a bag. Stuck it in the back of the closet. Only retrieving it when my hubby asked if I'd teach him how to take pictures.

Today I placed my beloved 30D in a box. Handed it to the kind man at the UPS Store and sent it touring California with the final destination of the Canon Repair Center. It needs to have the BOULDERS of sand removed from it so I can take a photo at an aperture fitting a landscape photo without having to photoshop a bunch of brown dust bunnies out of it. I'm excited for its return but until then I'm without a camera.

Or maybe not.

I dug into the depths of my closet. I placed a battery in it. Gave it a nice shiny 4 gig card. And began to shoot. It isn't the relationship I'm used to. The buttons aren't in the familiar places. Its menu lacks the intricacies I'd come to love. But it is an old friend. It feels light. It looks just a bit outdated. But it is the camera I have. So here we go. A few days testing this relationship to decide if we can make it work again. It won't be permanent. Just a bit of a rebound relationship.

It captured the first vampire sighting in our house.
And this sweet little face.
I may date around a bit though. Thinking of trying my film camera out again. Just needs batteries. And somewhere in this house probably buried deep in another closet is our old Pentax that is a simple relationship. Takes gorgeous photos but means you must do everything with it. No fancy dials or buttons or knobs and definitely no menu. And if those don't work I have a polaroid with one last roll of film!


Anonymous said...

Some times old relationships are the best, have fun can't wait to see the results.and excited that you and my favorite youngest grandson are coming for a visit.
Love U

Myra said...

I have an old friend too. :) But it's not the camera, it's the photographer. :)

Carol said...

Honest to goodness you need to write a book, I love reading your journalling.

mollie said...

I've been MIA ... and didn't know that you had your old love in cold storage! Glad that you could pull him out to dance around. :)

Anke said...

it goes to show just how good you are!


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