Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Lego Parenting Part 2

So every day Ian has continued to say, "remember, I'm working on my Crystal Sweeper." EVERY DAY. AT LEAST two times a day. It has been at least 20 days he's been working on it. It's really a good thing he doesn't have the concept of counting down completely.

I was waiting until I left for Wisconsin this weekend. I thought it would be a nice distraction for him. Hey, you have no mom for 5 days, but you do have A REALLY COOL lego set! Ahhh, such outstanding parenting techniques. Then I discovered it was going to cost me $20 more to buy it on Amazon than to drive 21 blocks to pick it up myself. So I drove. This morning. With a little boy in the back seat. The entire drive he said, "the Crystal Sweeper misses me. It has been SOOO lonely."

Did I mention that is the farthest I've driven in about, ummm, 3 months??!! I don't drive often, obviously.

Crystal Sweeper into the cart. The box is as big as he is! Crazy! How can tiny pieces of plastic I'm going to suck up in the vacuum cost so much?! He was thrilled though! He actually sat patiently as I wandered through the entire store looking at things I had no intention of buying. Weird. I don't shop very often. Well, except on Amazon.

We got home and that's when I realized my mistake. Buying it at 1030 in the morning meant hours before dad arrived home and there was NO WAY this little boy was waiting for someone else to put it together.

So TWO AND ONE HALF HOURS later, I completed the Crystal Sweeper. TWO books worth of Lego directions that take one page for the simplest ONE STEP and then cram 17 steps into another one page. I think they co-conspire with Ikea! I injured myself once, actually drew blood. WITH LEGOS! But wow, was that little boy happy with his mom AND his Crystal Sweeper. No crying. No whining. No asking for videos. Nothing but complete joy in our house! Complete joy and 5 bags filled with plastic parts that now are a crystal scooping machine! Here's to Lego Parenting!


mollie said...

I like this boys "job ethic" ... he knows what he is working for!

And, I know a few other little guys who might work for a Lego set as cool as this one. :)

Jennifer said...

you are the best mom ever -- loved this story!

Terri Davenport said...

Go you! What a cool set, I can see why it was such an incentive!

*Paula* said...

No way am I telling Tommy about this. No way! Speaking of family fun with legos - I made a pub out of legos on Sunday, complete with taps and an Irish flag. So proud of myself!

Anonymous said...

Yeah Ian, that is a cool Lego machine, so proud of you for earning it. Can't wait for you to show me how it works.
Love U Mumzy.

Myra said...

Guess who seriously wants a crystal sweeper. Thanks for that. :) Great job building Ian!!!

Anonymous said...

Love it!


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