Thursday, September 24, 2009

Looking Back

I take a lot of photos everyday. You know this. I've been taking at least one photo a day for almost a year and eight months. I don't always take the time to do anything with my photos as I take them. I select the POTD and move on. Since my camera is now somewhere in Southern California I'm not taking as many. So today that meant a look back. I found some photos I love that I didn't even realize I'd taken. And I found some that I got a chance to play with and edit in ways that didn't appeal to me (or I didn't know about) last year. This is a favorite of the day. It is so him, even a year later! I like it much better than last year's version.


Anonymous said...

Oh that expression. Looks like he is saying "why not?
Love U

mollie said...

I love looking back.


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