Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It Takes A Village...

to pick a photo of the day! I spent the weekend visiting my mom. Fun times! We spent Sunday wandering through the zoo so Ian could see elephants for the first time! He LOVED them, mimicking them for anyone who would watch! Returning home last night I sorted through and found a few I like but can't make up my mind.

Choice #1 - The Artsy Detail
Ian's feet in black and white - watching the seals!

Choice #2 - The Experience
Blue Poison Dart frog in the new Rain Forest Exhibit.

Choice #3 - The Action Shot
Ian attempting to feed the rays. His little arm was too short!

Choice #4 - The Sentimental One
Nosy was the elephant I grew up visiting. This little statue is in his honor. And look, 4 year old and almost one year old BOTH looking at the camera! As Ian says, "my best little cousin."

Looking at these it makes me wonder. Do you choose your 365 photos because they capture YOUR DAY best or for the BEST photo of your day? Thanks for casting your vote!

BTW - My real camera is headed back to me! It should arrive tomorrow. So excited to have it again and it only took 16 days! So much faster than expected.


*Paula* said...

Hurray for returning cameras!

Jess said...

I'm torn between #2 and #3 - all wonderful photos though :) Happy to hear your camera is on it's way home!

Alison said...

I would definitely pick the frog. That is a beautiful shot. Not that the kids aren't cute, but....

mollie said...

Will I like no. 1 ... just 'cuz. But, I would LOVE the one with the little cousin because it is more of the best of the day!

And, most of the time I choose my POTD because it is what my day is all about not because it is the best photo of the day. Happy to hear that your baby is returning from it's trip to "fix it up land"!

Tami said...

Hmmmm.i like 1 and 2 best. Boy, frog? Boy, frog? Boy, cute. Blue frog, very cool. In the end, tho, i think i prefer the last one for POTD, as it sums of the day of fun best...decisions, decisions. :)

Terry said...

like Ian feeding the rays. The frog photo is fantastic but I see the day being about your son-not the frog.

Anonymous said...

I like the frog and the boy leaning into the ray tank the best, and I'd probably choose the frog because it's probably more unique. I take photos of my kids almost every day.

I've chosen my own potd for both reasons. Sometimes I want to share a photo I think is particularly good, even if it isn't really about that particular day. Other times I try to choose a photo that represents the day.


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