Saturday, September 05, 2009

Snapshot Saturday #6

Good Saturday morning! A three day weekend and 80 degree weather, who can ask for more?

Today I thought we'd join in a little fun from one of my favorite photography sites Digital Photography School. It is a HUGE resource for tips, pointers and perspective on everything photography related. You can subscribe to their daily email tips or follow them on twitter. And of course it is a great supplement to any classes you might think of taking (shameless plug).

Yesterday they posted a weekend self portrait challenge! I thought, perfect inspiration for our own challenge! Lots of great tips on taking them are included! So grab your camera find your tripod a reflective surface and let's see YOU! Once the light is a little better here I'll be doing the same. I'm also going for Saturday morning in the garden makeup, hair up, natural shot! So don't be too frightened when you see it!

Link me up here so I can see what you've taken! Have fun, can't wait to see you!

1 comment:

mollie said...

I have been looking for my remote since Saturday afternoon! :( I usually hate photos of myself ... but will give this one a try ASAP!


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