Friday, July 09, 2010

Friday Family Fun Day

Do you know the glorious thing about the Fridays of summer? They really don't very different from the other days! Since our project list is long, we are sticking to our Friday Family Fun Day rule though. No projects. No commitments. Just us together as a family. And my camera, of course.

We ventured out to the zoo today. I love taking photos at the zoo. So many great opportunities and so many distractions to get natural, unposed shots of Ian. Today was a sunny day, but we found lots of great open shade for better photos.

There was face painting. You were right if you guessed evil black octopus. Doesn't every kid ask for that?

There was giraffe and tiger spotting.

Do you know the trick for making the cage disappear? It's all about the zoom! The further the animal is form the wire, the longer your zoom with no direct light on the cage and the wire magically disappears. 

There was map reading. Always map reading even though he knows where everything is and has visited countless times. Ian LOVES maps. He typically stops to take a look which is my immediate cue to get the camera out. I love his little finger pointing. Any guesses what he is pointing at? If you've been to our zoo with a boy, I have no doubt you can guess it!

There was great contemplation over the duties of a zookeeper. Even when he is uncooperative, he insists on taking his picture here. I've got a photo from every zoo trip since he was about 8 months old!

And finally there was just play. As we walked to the play area he announced, "there are two more things to do. The reptile house and the gift shop. Then we go home." He's well trained!

We ended the day with a little lunch at the Rubicon, a long nap, and time with the chickens in the garden, but I (gasp) put the camera away for those events!

It's between the giraffe, the map, and play for my Photo of the Day pick. What's your choice?


esther_a said...

Love your "make the wire disappear" trick! Very effective. I also love how well you've exposed that photo of Ian consulting the map. I always end up with too much contrast.
All lovely photos of a great family day.

Anonymous said...

for sure, the map. so intense. i did like the giraffes eyes tho. wish i had the eyelashes.

erin said...

Giraffe. He makes me happy.

mugsbigsis said...

Is it even possible that YOUR photos just keep getting better and better???!!! I may not be here every day, but it's such a treat when I visit your blog.


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