Saturday, July 03, 2010

Garden Improvements Brought To You By My Community

Today my neighbors made me cry over my garden. A good cry.

My garden is my place of absolute peace and joy. Every morning it is the first place I go and most evenings we stay out until well past sunset.  I photograph it, I sit in it, I putter around, and we cook from it daily. Almost every meal.

While riding our bikes to eat this. Yes, the same one we had yesterday. We never should have discovered SugarPlum Vegan Cafe.

Neighbors just down the street were shoveling mulch into a wheel barrow. The pile was huge and they were almost finished. They offered the rest to us. We immediately said yes and spent the next three hours putting it in the garden. It was a project on our list, but not planned for today. From dirt to magic.

It instantly transformed my happy place into an amazing oasis.

The chicken coop is ready for occupants next week and the dirt path you see will be a pumpkin patch by October!

Do you have a special oasis? Somewhere that brings you joy? I'd love to hear about it.


Anonymous said...

wow Katrina that really looks nice, dosen't look like the same place, nice job on the chicken coop.
Love U

Kimberly said...

Amazing, Katrina!!! What a wonderful feeling :) I am hoping that our new backyard will be that peaceful too!


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