Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunflowers at Sunset

We've driven by this along the side of the 80 for years. I've always wanted to take pictures of them.

Last year we drove out specifically for that purpose. They were already done, their blackened faces sadly turned to the ground waiting to be harvested.

Last night, we ventured out an hour before sunset to see if we could find them. The first field we found we just couldn't get close enough too, fenced, buildings, and a huge ditch. Being from a farm family, I know better than to trespass across freshly dug ditches or to scale fences.

So we kept driving. 20 miles further actually. We spotted the field just as we were beginning to give up, watching the clock as our available light dwindled away. Shea pulled of the interstate and meandered country roads trying to get close. Again, we couldn't. So we kept driving.

And there it was. Millions of sunflowers stretched out before us.

They weren't facing the sun so I was forced to shoot into the sun. I perched myself precariously atop our step stool and shot. And shot.

And then when we arrived home, I played in Lightroom just a bit. Ilove how one flower is reaching above the others as if to say, "look at me."

Next on my list? We are going back at sunrise. They'll be facing the sun and smiling back at me!


Anonymous said...

I love the sunflowers, great picture makes my 6 sunflowers look like orphans but they are pretty and big, this is amazing photo never have I seen that many sunflowers in one place.
Love U

Rhonda H. said...


Tami said...

Just gorgeous...SO worth the drive :)

Aino said...

Don't you love a field of sunflowers? I love to go and shoot them when they are tall and proud.

A Scrappy Design said...

Beautiul! I pass so many things (almost daily) that I would love to take pictures of. One of these days, I'm actually going to stop & shoot! :)

erin said...

these pictures made me happy. thanks!


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