Monday, July 12, 2010

How I Spent Six Hours In The Kitchen, By Choice

Remember that Sunday night family dinner idea I had? Perhaps, it's gotten out of hand!

My brother requested Indian food and being one up for a challenge, I took it on.

After a week of pouring through cookbooks and reading websites I selected recipes with ingredients available in the garden that sounded appealing.

The menu included:

Vegetable Samosas

Cilantro & Mint Chutney
Tomato & Onion Relish

Beets with Mint & Yogurt
Yes, it was really that pink! Not high on my must be made again list though.

Curried Vegetables
Red Lentil Dal

After six hours in the kitchen dinner was ready. Justin was already at the table, even though he knew the table needed it's photo shoot.

Not something I feel compelled to do very often, but certainly worth the effort. Dinner was yummy and we have leftovers for the entire week!  Photo of the day? I think I'm going with the first one since I didn't take a picture of all of the dirty dishes.

Next week I'm making salad.


esther_a said...

It looks like a super dinner! I love the last photo with the table set and the family gathering to eat.

Anonymous said...

that was quite a undertaking but looks like yummy resolts I am with you salad from all those lovely veggies
Love U

Kimberly said...

I LOVE the last photo. That is the type of photo I would want to see from my childhood. So much detail, all those little household things ;)

Carol said...

love the last photo as well!


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