Thursday, February 03, 2011

Behind The Lens: Kathleen Ducharme

I love meeting new people in class. I especially love when they pour themselves into learning all they can to improve their memory keeping.
POTD 1.20.11 - Me
Kathleen is one of those people who I felt instantly connected to! Not only did she dedicate her energy to improving, but she was an amazing support to others in class!

I am so pleased to introduce her to you!
Bright Colors
What sparked your interest in photography?
I love photographs, all kinds of photos. Photography has been a hobby for as long as I can remember. My original goal was to document special events of my life. Not having any pictures of my childhood, my desire to take photos great exponentially when we began having children. I wanted our children to have their life stories available at their fingertips.

My camera: Nikon d7000

My favorite lens: Nikon 80mm f/1.8

Lens used most often: Nikon 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6G
Santa in Training
I am happy anytime I have my camera in hand, shooting pictures. I am happy when I open my scrapbooks, look at a photo and think, "great photo!" Then, I realize I took it!
Day of Rest ... and Play
What have you learned from Your Life: Captured Through The Lens that has helped your photography most?
Isolating what I learned through Your Life: Captured Through the Lens and Capture Your Holidays is impossible. My photography was completely transformed through the instruction. My pictures came alive.

In terms of photo mechanics, I never understood how to successfully shoot in manual mode. Numerous photography classes failed to help me comprehend how to shoot in any modes other than the auto or program ones. I had resigned myself to thinking that manual mode would always be far beyond my abilities.

Your Life: Captured Through The Lens changed me.

The course offered an easy to understand, well-organized approach to very complex topics. Through following the instruction, my first photo taken in manual mode was a good one! Since then, manual mode is the mode I shoot in the majority of the time. I will not let myself even consider going back to auto mode, but I really never need to!

Most of all, the classes gave me confidence; in my composition and in my skills.
Stress Relief in the Woods
What are you current photography goals?
My 2011 goal is to participate in Project 365 and capture more of my day-to-day life. The majority of my photos are taken of my family. Capturing my life is important too. My focus is to compose photos of my routines in creative, non-typical ways. I also agreed to my husband's goal of taking more pictures of me.

You can follow Kathleen's blog and see more of her day-to-day life at JKPlusThree.

I love watching people's photography skills improve! I'll be offering Your Life: Captured Through The Lens soon, more details to follow.

Until then, you can download a Free Lesson. Enjoy!


C McCormick said...

Shout out to Mama Du! She is definitely a wonderful classmate and I just love her photos :)

suzie said...

I have seen many of Kathleen's pictures and she definitely has talent - simple, uncluttered, yet most have a strong message - or great sense of life!

mugsbigsis said...

Kathleen! YOU are Mama DU???? I've seen you in the DD gallery and now I have a face to go withthe name . . . and a name to go with the name for that matter. :O) Wonderful photos, and interview. I feel like I've finally "met" you. :O)


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