Monday, February 14, 2011

Categories of Goodness All Around

Happy Valentine's Day

Good things all around today!

In the General Goodness category, I captured this photo over the weekend. In the parking lot of Home Depot. The light is getting better. LOVE when we begin to move closer to the colors and light of Spring.

In the anxiously been waiting to tell you category, you can now take The Very Basics with me, on demand, self paced! You'll find it in the beautiful new classroom at Get It Scrapped. 6 Lessons, three videos and a forum and gallery for you to interact with me! You get me at your own pace, when you need to ask questions! I'll be in the forum for questions and in the gallery for photo feedback. Class walks you through seeing light, understanding aperture and shutter speed, and basic features of your camera. It is a great way to prep for Your Life: Captured Through The Lens.

In life is filled with surprises category, I got a little mention in IHeartFace's Photo Challenge | Hearts! Made my day. Amazing talent over there. It also means i can now proudly display this fun little icon!

In the I'm honored you love them category, my ebook and tutorials are 30% off at DesignerDigitals through tomorrow.

Am I the only silly one with categories of goodness? Must admit, I categorize most things in my life!

Enjoy your day. May you find love through your lens today. 


Laura T. said...

Congratulations on the "mention." I saw that on their site this morning.

Anonymous said...

Super on the well deserved "top ten" IHF postion.

Teachinfourth said...

Congrats on your accomplishment! I've yet to make the top anything on their site.



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