Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Photography Quiz Answers | Light

I'm in a lucky stage with Ian. He asks for his photo to be taken, typically when he is doing something or holding something or dressed as something.

So when he showed me a heart created as he held his hands together, thanks to an old Barney episode, I knew I needed a photo. It became a perfect light lesson. I asked him to get in the good light.

He stepped into the blaring sun from the window. I asked him how it made his eyes feel. Squinty, he said.

I asked him to step just a foot to the left out of the direct light.

And just that easily, a mere 12 inches of difference, you can see the dramatic difference "good" light can make. He, of course, wasn't convinced until he saw the evidence.

So, yes, they were taken within a minute of each other. Here is a look at exactly where we were shooting. Yes, I have purple carpet in my office and in Ian's bedroom. It was one of those, "this will go as soon as we buy the house," bits of decor destined to remain for the next 20 years!

Do you involve your children in learning more about the camera and what it takes to get a good photo?


Mimi said...

My children are in their 20's, and yes, we're learning together at this stage of the game about photography. Thanks, Katrina!

TerryD said...

Great lesson! It's helpful to see the actual spot. Love the little feet in the corner of the last shot! Very cute!

Anonymous said...

Hi Katrina, I was hoping you could answer a quick question for me. I know this is probably going make but I just bought a 50mm lens ( due to the beautiful photos you capture with yours) and I am puzzled by it. I took it to my daughter's dance comp thinking it would be good for low light. Was surprised that I could not get a focus on the girls from the bleachers. Is my lens broken or can you only obtain focus with close up subjects when you use this lens.

Katrina Kennedy said...

I need a little more information to really help you. What camera are you using and what mode/settings were you shooting with? Sometimes focus in low light can be tricky even with the 50mm. Knowing your settings I'll have a better idea if the lens is broken or just needed to be set differently :)

You can email me at katrina at as well.

Anonymous said...

Ok so I get to wear the dunce hat of the week. Seems I had put the lens hood on wonky. It looked like it was on straight but apparently not. It was preventing me from focusing on anything over 5 ft. Phew.... I was thinking I was going to have to send my brand spanking new lens, that I had to be extra patient waiting for it to arrive as all that bloody nasty weather the east is experiencing slowed down shipping. Sigh.. Off to play with my new toy.. Love you Katrina.. Thank you for being willing to help..

Teachinfourth said...

Great lesson on light...bright sunlight is not always the best lighting to use. However, step over a foot or two and it can be fantastic!


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